What is shiatsu?

Shiatsu = Japanese: “Finger Pressure” しあつ

Shiatsu is a profound deep massage experience involving more than fingers. I use all parts of my hands arms, knees & sometimes feet, leaning into areas of tension and emptiness.

I facilitate the opening of your muscles via stretching and breathing. It’s a two way street.

Receiver & Giver


To understand shiatsu, you must first understand qi (“chee” or “kee”). There is no direct translation into English but it can be understood as ‘vital energy’. Qi, chi or ki moves blood, gets nourished by breath, food and exercise and is the core of the underlying philosophy of chinese or east asian medicine, for which shiatsu draws its theory, techniques and tools.

Shiatsu works by the practitioner leaning their body against your body at numerous tsubos (acupuncture points) and along the channels, unlike acupuncture; shiatsu works the whole channel. It’s an energetic bodywork that gets to the core of underlying qi patterns and triggers the body’s innate healing mechanisms; it moves blood, lymph, qi and stagnant emotions.

Stresses and tension melt away during a shiatsu. Stagnant qi is released, leaving you feeling revived and relaxed.

Primarily, shiatsu is acupressure massage using qi and breath-work and your practitioner will utilise thumbs, palms, elbows, feet along with oriental therapy tools that have existed in Asia for millennia, such as cupping, the spoon (gua sha) & moxa.

Shiatsu was our ancestors first medicine.

To get a shiatsu is like being brought back down to earth, back to the rhythm of the bush, the sea, grounded..